CeMI periodically organizes seminars, symposia, training sessions and lunch seminars as below.

CeMI Seminars & Symposia

Date Title/Lecturer

April 15, 2015


183th iCeMS Seminar/CeMI Seminar Series 44: Prof. Young-Tae Chang

"Universal fluorescent probe platform for almost everything"

September 16, 2014


175th iCeMS Seminar/CeMI Seminar Series 43: Assoc. Prof. Thomas Blanpied

"Nanoscale organization and dynamics of single synapses"

April 15, 2014


164th iCeMS Seminar/CeMI Seminar Series 42: Assoc. Prof. Radu V. Stan

"The diaphragms of fenestrated endothelia: gatekeepers of vascular permeability and blood homeostasis"

November 27, 2013

148th iCeMS Seminar/CeMI Seminar Series 41: Dr. Yukiko Goda

"Regulating synaptic strength distribution in the dendritic tree"

September 10, 2013

141th iCeMS Seminar/CeMI Seminar Series 40: Prof. Stefan Hell

"Nanoscopy with Focused Light"

August 7, 2013

140th iCeMS Seminar/CeMI Seminar Series 39: Assoc. Prof. Hideaki Mizuno

"Functional imaging and superresolution microscopy using fluorescent proteins"

Jun 25, 2013

138th iCeMS Seminar/CeMI Seminar Series 38: Dr. Yusuke Toyoda

"Genetic analyses of mammalian cell mechanics"

April 10, 2013

135th iCeMS Seminar/CeMI Seminar Series 37: Prof. Rafael Yuste

"Cortical Circuits and Dendritic Spines: Imaging the Structure and Function of the Cerebral Cortex"

March 21, 2013

134th iCeMS Seminar/CeMI Seminar Series 36: Prof. R. Holland Cheng

"Structural Modularity of Supramolecules in Targeted Vaccine Design"

February 5, 2013

131th iCeMS Seminar/CeMI Seminar Series 35: Prof. Pietro De Camilli

"Membrane Dynamics and Phosphoinositide Signaling in the Endocytic Pathway"

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CeMI Training Sessions

Mar 26-28, 2015 Man-to-man instruction of Zeiss LSM780 (for Kitagawa G) iCeMS Visiting Prof. Fumiyoshi Ishidate Zeiss Center of CeMI, Room 301 of Research Bldg. 1 Annex

History: CeMI Training Sessions

CeMI Lunch Seminars

March 2, 2011

Prof. István Ábrahám (Otago University of New Zealand)
Non-classical action of estrogen in the brain: from neurons to single molecules

Prof. György Vereb (Medical University of Debrecen in Hungary)
ErbB receptor tyrosine kinase interactions: from the microscopic data to clinical relevance

History: CeMI Lunch Seminars

CeMI Technical Seminars & Product Demonstrations

1. “Carl Zeiss Technical Seminar: A New Dimension in Confocal Microscope” hosted by Carl Zeiss Microscopy Co., Ltd.; Seminar on May 21 and Demonstration sessions of long working distance objective from June 25 to 29. Flyer

2. “Imaris Annual Symposium Japan 2012” hosted by Bitplane/Andor Technology PLC; Seminar on Nov. 26 and Hands-on consultation on Nov. 27. Flyer

3. “Cutting-edge Live-cell Imaging Seminar: Easy access to the World’s fastest, multi-color real time imaging, as well as to long-term time lapse by all-in-one confocal microscope” hosted by Yokogawa Electric Corporation; Seminar on Apr. 22 and Hands-on demonstrations of confocal scanner unit and all-in-one microscope from Apr. 23 to 26. Flyer

4. Demonstration of real-time confocal scanner unit with multi-color LED light source organized by Olympus Corporation, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, and OPTO-LINE, Inc.; from May 13 to 19.

5. “Carl Zeiss Technical Seminar: Lightsheet Fluorescence Microscope” hosted by Carl Zeiss Microscopy Co., Ltd.; Seminar on Jun. 3 and Demonstration sessions of the microscope from Jun. 10 to 14. Flyer

6. “Promega Technology for Bioimaging: From Fluorescence to Bioluminescence, Molecule to Animal” hosted by Promega KK; Seminar on Jun. 12. Flyer

7. “HAMAMATSU PHOTONICS Technical Seminar & Demonstration: The latest Scientific Camera Product for Live Cell Imaging” hosted by Hamamatsu Photonics K.K.; Seminar on Jul. 8 and Demonstration sessions of EMCCD and CMOS cameras on Jul. 8 and 9. Flyer

8. “Super resolution imaging Seminar ~STED: Opening the Gate to Super-Resolution~” hosted by Leica Microsystems: Seminar on Aug. 26 and Hands-on demonstration sessions from Aug. 27 to 29. Flyer

9. The technical seminar for STED CW (STimulated Emission Depletion, Continuous Wave) on May 7, followed by the hands-on training sessions on May 13, 14, and 15.

10. “Andor Academy Kyoto” hosted by Andor Technology Ltd.; Technical seminar and working session on Jul. 31 and Academic symposium on Aug. 1. Flyer

11. “OLYMPUS Imaging workshop [Super Resolution]” hosted by Olympus Corporation; Seminar on Dec. 19 and Demonstration sessions of GaAsP detector and FV-OSR system from Dec. 19 to Jan. 8. Flyer

12. “Carl Zeiss Technical Seminar: Revolutionize Your Confocal Imaging ~LSM 880 with Airyscan~” hosted by Carl Zeiss Microscopy Co., Ltd.; Seminar on Feb. 6 and Demonstration sessions of the microscope from Feb. 16 to 20. Flyer

13. “Hands-on training sessions for Leica SP8 gSTED microscope” hosted by Leica Microsystems; on May 19, 20, and 21.

14. “OLYMPUS Imaging Seminar: SD-OSR, Confocal based Super Resolution Imaging System for Live Cell” hosted by Olympus Corporation; Seminar on May 26 and Demonstration sessions of SD-OSR system from May 26 to 29. Flyer

15. “CeMI Technical Seminar: Digital Imaging in Confocal Scanning Microscopy and beyond” by Dr. Bernhard Zimmermann (Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH); on Nov. 4. Abstract